VAT settings

You can set general VAT settings used in your shop. This will apply to all products and services you or your partners provide. For example 5% VAT will be apply to all your products and courier costs.


  1. To set VAT go to Main settings.
  2. Find VAT settings window.
  3. Add default VAT for all your products.
  4. If you check Enter Product Prices as Net Prices (plus VAT) box, wen creating a product you should enter price of product without VAT.
  5. You can make full price shown in your shop, used for B2B mainly.
  6. Choose VAT calculation for additional services, it can be calculated according to the biggest NET value or proportionally.
  7. You can display shipping cost as full price or as price plus VAT. To display it as price plus VAT check, Display shipping costs as net price and VAT (instead of gross) in shopping cart and invoice, box.
  8. You normally enter shipping costs as full price (VAT included), but you can choose to enter shipping costs as net price, by checking the box.
  9. You can choose to display VAT contained in payment method charges in shopping cart and invoice.
  10. If you shipping abroad you can choose to use that country’s VAT instead of billing country’s by checking last box.
  11. Press Save to finish.