Product management using Excel

You can manage information about your products by downloading excel file, changing information and uploading it again back. Very useful for merchants who has a lot of products in the shop.

  1. In product list check box Active to choose which products will be in the excel file.
  2. You can change Quantity and Price in management tab or as alternative you can do it in Excel after downloading file.
  3. Press Export products.
  4. Click on more options to choose what information should be displayed in Excel file, you will be able to edit that information using Excel.
  5. Press to download file with information. Export
  6. After editing file you have to upload it back to apply changes. Press +Choose XLS file, then press Import.File importing
  7. You can upload Images too in the right format and right size. To do that press +Pic choose, choose picture from your computer and press Pic upload to upload them.