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Let’s make e-commerce for everyone together!

Short summary

What’s so great about GETSHOPIN?

We are looking for new business partners at GETSHOPIN.

Our company, GETSHOPIN, has developed a fast growing, award winning

e-commerce platform, which makes e-commerce business accessible for everyone.

We’d love to have a mutually beneficial partnership with trusted partners that will expand our business abroad.

The role of the partner will be focused specifically on finding and acquiring new customers in specific country or region.

We offer:

– 60% of the profits on all platform sales in your country;

Territorial exclusivity;

Fully operational, uptime existing technical infrastructure, regular development of new features and support.

You will find all the information about this and way more in the proposal.

When you realize the potential of what we have to offer, take some time to think it through and call us or send us a message right away- we will be pleased to help you out.


Andrius Cepkus
Founder & CEO
+44 20 37693325
Skype: andrius.c


Who we are and what we do

We are a team of online business entrepreneurs sharing one vision – we aim to make professional e-commerce business accessible for everyone. Our cloud based professional e-shop software has been developed for everyone who’s ready to have a successful online retail business.


GETSHOPIN is a professional, easy-to-use e-commerce tool for a small and medium enterprise. Our platform allows you to get a professional e-shop running in less than a minute and start selling online right away. We have been developing the platform since 2013 and by now it has all modern e-commerce features built in:

Responsive designs, design editor, integrated newsletters system, marketing tools, SEO friendly base, mobile ready admin panel and storefront, manageable administrators accounts, promo coupons, discount and gift code management system, digital products, integrated local payment gateways, credit card tools, integrated and manageable carriers, import/export systems, banners and sliders, inventory tracking, buyer feedback system, social media tools, complete user guides and manuals and much more…

We also give you UNLIMITED storage, endless number of products for sale and unlimited traffic for shop owners…And we even offer a completely FREE plan for the small shops.

In every market where we launch GETHSOPIN we adapt it to markets: language, local payments, local shipment companies, local marketing tools.

When you sum up all that, you know that you are getting the No. 1 solution in your market.

And much more: as a platform owner you can see all the statistics and information about shops’ performance, sales, most popular products, and plenty of other useful information which allows you to predict and analyze what is happening in your country’s e-commerce market. This could be extremely valuable, and it is, for our partners. They have a unique edge in their market.

Recent awards

We are being noticed


We believe that only by being local, knowing the market and its specialties, one can make it big in IT business. That’s why we’ve decided to expand by franchising our platform and allowing motivated professionals and businesses make e-commerce a great success for everyone in their home markets.

Partnership proposal

Let’s make e-commerce a success for everyone in your country

Revenue share

We believe that this is fair and … hard to beat:

Our partners get 60% of all local platform revenue … and we get 40% to further develop and maintain the system and servers.


How we would share responsibilities

What we are responsible for and what we are giving to our partners:

  • Full software maintenance and development;
  • Unlimited cloud servers, traffic and space for all your clients;
  • Regular software updates and new features;
  • Full technical support for your client support team;
  • Marketing know-how, best practices and support from our marketing team;
  • Know-how and trainings for your support team;
  • Local main payment gateways integration;
  • Integration of local shipping companies;
  • System and website localization;
  • Integration of local marketing tools;
  • Any other relevant help and advice to allow you to become No. 1 E-shop Rental Solution in your market.

What are our partners responsible for in their market:

  • Organizing and financing successful marketing campaigns;
  • Providing high quality support for customers;
  • Preparing all system and website translations;
  • Updating user manual information when new features are released;
  • Finding local partners for marketing and system bonuses;
  • Organizing all information and data for local payment and shipping companies integration.


We are win-win orientated

We don’t collect license fees or exclusive rights fees from our partners.

The only financial investment that a selected partner needs to make is marketing expenses. We are asking for partners’ commitment to invest in digital high quality marketing (mostly Google adwords campaigns and social network marketing campaigns) at least $20 000 in 5 months or less and achieve as many as possible paying customers during that time.

All digital marketing campaigns are monitored by our marketing professionals to help you use your marketing budget as efficiently as possible. 

Specific terms of partnership contract depend on country/market

conditions, specific commitments of the partners and results of development during the agreed startup period.

Real life illustration:

The most popular paid plan is Professional that costs $39 /month. So let’s say that in the beginning you have achieved 300 paying customers (which is absolutely feasible with $20 000 spent on marketing), and you can expect the following revenue every month: 300 x 39 = $11 700 thus your share every month is at least $7020. We believe that even in a smallest market it is completely possible to have 800-1000 or more paying customers in 12-15 months with effective marketing, and that will result in ~35000 $/monthly revenues.

Interested? Let’s talk

I believe you found this opportunity absolutely promising. We can make e-commerce a success for everyone in your market, as we have already done in many countries. I’m ready to meet you in person or we could have a teleconference to discuss all the details and questions you may have. We are just starting to see the true potential of our e-commerce solutions. And it’s huge.

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