Order proceeding

When your customer places an order, you will get a notification email. If your customer was paying on the internet and the payment was successful, you will get a notification to your email as well. To complete an order you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. You will see all New orders in the list.
  3. Press + to open an order.
  4. There you can choose between Overview, Main, Addresses, Products and Invoice.
  5. If you are using courier in the Addresses tab you will find the address information.
  6. After you shipped the order in Overview tab, change Order status to Finished. You can use Ship Now button when you shipped your order, it will notify your customer that the order was shipped. Your customer will get a notification email.


IMPORTANT: some orders due to error might get  Problems status. You should check Problems list often and contact your customers to make sure whether they need some help to complete the purchase.