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How to Set Up your shop

Before starting adding your products, you need to create categories. Categorize your products to create your shop’s uniqueness and accessibility to your customers.

How to create category you can find here.

After you have created your categories, add products. Start with important information like name, price and images. Assign the product to a category to make it available for purchase.

You can find everything about product creation and editing.

Add About Us, Terms and Conditions, Buying guide, Returns and other texts. Be sure that they are ready before you start selling.

You can learn about text adding here.

To start you have to customize your shop’s design. After choosing the theme you can customize colors, footer, header, add Facebook block and Google Maps block.

Customize colors

You can choose colors for various parts of the theme, to adapt it to your own style.


To customize your header choose color for it or instead of a background use an image.


You can customize all additional information which is shown in your footer blocks.

Add your couriers and shipping rates. The rates will be added to the final cost of the purchase for your customer. You can add various couriers and use different shipping methods.

You can learn how to add couriers and shipping rates here.

It is important that to add your company’s information before starting selling. It will be used for invoice generation and as your main contact information.

You can add your company’s information here.

In order to proceed your payments you have to use one of integrated payment processors. In GETSHOPIN you can use PayPal for international payments.

To register PayPal account click here.

To activate add  PayPal information, you can read more about it here.

You almost finished. Last step for you is to test if your bank transactions are working. Create cheap test product and buy it from your shop. If you did everything right, transaction will be successful.
Now your shop is ready and fully working. It is important to rise awareness online, it will generate more traffic to your online shop. Online advertising is part of online business and you should use some of digital marketing channels, such as advertising in web sites, search engines and social media. Good luck!

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