Generating and managing coupon codes

You can create and manage coupon codes. You can provide the code during special promotions or for your special clients to get discounts. They can also be used as gift coupons. To apply a coupon code your customer should enter it during purchase confirmation.

Creating coupons:

Creating Editing coupons

  1. To create coupons press +Create new.
  2. Name your coupons.
  3. You can add a description of coupons, it is purely for internal use and will be visible to administrators only.
  4. You can choose coupons validation period. Do that by choosing Valid from and until dates.
  5. Write the amount of a discount and then choose if it is an absolute (amount written) or a percentage discount.
  6. If you want the same coupons to stack per purchase, choose Yes in Valid with same series, otherwise choose No.
  7. If you want stack different coupons, choose Yes in Valid with different series, otherwise choose No.
  8. If you want the same coupons to stack and be usable for different orders, choose yes in Valid with same series, different order, otherwise choose No.
  9. Check Usable only once if you want your coupon to be used only once.
  10. To finish press Save.

IMPORTANT: Changing settings in the coupon group and generating new coupons will apply new settings to all available coupons.

Generating coupons:

After you create coupons, you need to generate required amount to make them active.

Coupon generation

  1. You can assign certain users, categories or products to coupons. In that case the coupon can be used if the customer or purchase meet the criteria.
  2. To generate coupons choose whether there will be random numbers generated by the system or you can make manual coupon numbers by clicking Coupon Number and entering it.
  3. You can decide what length coupon number will be, enter amount of numbers you want in the Coupon length field.
  4. Enter quantity of coupons you want to be generated.
  5. Press Generate. You can see how many coupons you have, how many of them are available and how many are used.
  6. Press Download to download an excel file with all coupon codes. You can give them to your customers or promote online.