Email settings

The email address used for the inbox and outbox by default is the one you used while registering in GETSHOPIN. In Email settings you can change the address for your incoming and outgoing letters and subjects for the main auto-reply letters.

email settings

  1. To do that go to Main settings.
  2. Find Email settings window.
  3. In Info email address write your main info box email.
  4. In Order email reply write the address which will be visible for receivers, in other words it will be your outgoing letter box.
  5. In Order emails to write the email you want to get notifications to when an order is made.
  6. In Order email subject write the subject which will be shown in Order notification letters.
  7. In Forgot Password email subject, write the subject for the password reminder letters.
  8. In Shipped now email subject, write the subject for notification letters which inform your customers that you have already shipped goods.
  9. Press Save to finish.