Editing product

Editing product

After you create the product you can edit it. Editing enables possibilities to manage stocks, discounts, variations, attributes, pictures and SEO.

Additional tab:


  1. You can add Weight of your product in kg.
  2. You can add Dimensions. From left to right, length, width and height in meters.
  3. If your product is being sold in quantities and units, you can add quantity and Unit type.
  4. If you are making Previous price higher than the present one, you are creating a discount for the product. It also adds a flag to the corner of the product image.Discount
  5. Check Searchable if you want the product to be found through the search tab in the shop.
  6. You can check Skip all negative discounts if you want that all discounts which apply to the category weren’t applied to this product.
  7. Checking Free shipping won’t charge your customer for a shipping cost of this product. However, you will have to cover the shipping expenses anyway.
  8. You can make price update at a certain time by adding another price in Base price tab and choosing start time. Additionally you can add different prices for each customer group (A, B and C).
  9. If you are selling digital products for example books, music, video, etc. click on Digital product tab:

Digital product

  1. Write product Description.
  2. To add product either copy an existing URL or press +Choose file to add a file from your computer.
  3. To finish editing press Save.


Stock tab:

Here you can manage delivery time and stock notifications.


  1. Choose Delivery time for your item. This information will be shown to the customer. You can choose days, weeks and months.
  2. If you want to get notifications when stock reaches a certain amount, check box Send e-mail if stock falls below value and then add a number of value. When your stock reaches that value, you will get an e-mail notification.


Variations tab:

Here you can manage, activate and create variations. You can also create and add variations in Variations (hyper link).


  1. If you want to activate variations group, which you created in the Variations management, choose it from the table on the left, mark it and press create. Then you will see all the fields which belong to that variation on the right.
  2. To make a field active check box active near each field you want to activate. Your customer must make variation choices for your product before finishing the purchase.
  3. You can manage each field by changing its price, sorting and item stock.
  4. You can add a new variation by entering its name, product ID, price, sorting number (sorting from top to bottom) and stock amount. To finish press Create.
  5. When you finish editing, press Save to apply.


Pictures tab:

You can add and manage all pictures for product in here:


  1. To add an image for a product press +image and add it from your computer. You can preview and delete it. Notice that product picture size is max. 2 MB and 1500×1500 px.
  2. First image of a product will automatically be used as a main picture in your shop and icon. However you can change main picture by uploading it as Thumbnail in Custom pictures and you can change icon by uploading picture as Icon.


SEO tab:

Here you can add SEO description

SEO product

  1. Add META description for your product. It will help to get better index in search engines for your produ
  2. Press Save to finish.