Editing category and adding products

You can add all your products to a category by pressing edit. Editing allows you to add category’s description and SEO information. Note: category won’t be shown in the main page even when active if there aren’t any products in it.

You can find all existing categories in Category list:

Category list

In Category list you can activate/deactivate the existing categories, delete them and edit.

Product adding:

  1. To add product press Edit
  2. Press Assign products
  3. Pop up window will appear:

Product drag pop up

  1. Drag products from left to right to assign to the category. If you want to assign all existing products to the category, you can press Assign all to make it faster. After adding you can close pop up window.
  2. Press Save to finish.

Editing description and SEO


  1. Press Edit to edit existing category in Category list
  2. You can choose additional tabs in the top of an editing table.

Category createedit table header

  1. Choose Text to add a description. This description will only be visible to shop administrators.
  2. Press SEO to add Meta description. This Meta will affect search engine index for category.
  3. Press Save to finish.