Additional information

In the window Additional information, you can manage and edit all information shown in your footer.

additional info

  1. To set additional information go to Design customization.
  2. Find the window Additional information.
  3. Choose block type which will be shown in the corner. It can be a newsletter text or CMS text.
  4. You can choose which service icons too show and you can edit the text below them.
  5. Choose which menu is first, which is second. To learn how to create and edit texts in the menus, click here (hype rlink)
  6. For Map block, you can add your address to show Google map there, you can use Google by default or other image if you have it. In case you don’t want any map to be shown, you can add an image of your own.
  7. In the last block you can choose between your Facebook page and tags.
  8. To add Facebook page add a link to Facebook page of your business. Don’t confuse it with your own account; it has to be a business type page.
  9. Instead of Facebook you can show all keywords you created for the products.
  10. Press Save to finish.