Creating promotion blocks

You can create promotion blocks which will be shown in your main page. Promotion blocks are an easy way to promote your products. A single block can have up to 5 products and you can have an unlimited number of promotion blocks in your main page.

promotion blocks

  1. To create a promotion block go to Promotions.
  2. Press +Create new.
  3. Name your promotion.
  4. To make it active check Active box.
  5. You can choose to make promotion active for a certain period by setting the date From and To. You can make it active for an unlimited time from a certain date only by using the field From or you can simply ignore the setting of the date and control it manually.
  6. In Promotion list press edit on the promotion you want.
  7. Choose Assign products.
  8. Add the products you want to be in this promotion.
  9. Press Save to finish.