Creating customer groups

You can create groups in addition for already existing ones. You can group your customers to manage them, create special promotion campaigns, for discounts or different newsletters

customer groups

  1. To create a group press +Create new.
  2. In Create/Edit a group table name your group.
  3. Press Active to activate the group.
  4. To assign users, choose edit a group from a group list.
  5. Press Assign users.
  6. To finish press Save

Existing groups:

System automatically creates 8 groups for you:

  1. BLOCKED – add users to this group if you want to block them in your shop.
  2. Customer – this group is basically for everyone, it is good when you want to send a newsletter for every customer who registered in your shop.
  3. High turnover – the customer who spends a set amount per one purchase will be assigned to this group automatically. You can set the amount in order settings (hyper link).
  4. Medium turnover – the same as High turnover. How to set an amount read here.
  5. Newsletter Recipients – users who subscribed to newsletters are assigned to this group.
  6. Price A – manually assign users to this group. You can use it when setting alternative prices for products or using discount groups.
  7. Price B – the same as group A.
  8. Price C – the same as group A.