Creating and activating discounts

You can create discounts for different categories and products. It is very helpful to create successful promotion campaigns. All products with activated discounts will have a discount flag in the top left corner of the picture.

  1. To create discounts press +Create new.
  2. Enter a name of a discount and press save.
  3. Choose discount from Discount list and press edit.

Discont editing

  1. Check box Active to activate the discount, alternatively you can do it in Discounts list.
  2. You can choose activation time, however, it’s not mandatory.
  3. You have to enter quantity. Customers will have to purchase your specified quantity if they want the discount to be applied.
  4. If you want, you can enter Purchase price that has to be reached in order for the discount to be applied.
  5. In the field Discount enter discount amount and choose its type (absolute or %).
  6. You need to assign one of the following: Assign categories, Assign products. The discount will be applied to products you assign or to the whole group if you assigned it to a group.
  7. If you want the discount to be applied to only specific users, you can assign countries, groups or users. The discount will only be applied to users who meet the criteria.
  8. Press Save to finish.