Creating a new product

You can easily create a product by adding necessary information. Assign it to a relevant category to make it available for purchasing.

create product

  1. To create a new product press Create new+.
  2. Fill information in the table:
  3. Check Active to activate the product.
  4. Add product name.
  5. Create product ID in Pr. ID field. It will help you to find and identify products.
  6. If you are using Suppliers, you can choose a supplier to your product.
  7. You can add Manufacturer to a product by choosing it form the existing ones.
  8. Add product price.
  9. Add a number of items in Stock.
  10. By checking New product you can add a flag to the corner of the product picture in the shop.New
  11. By checking Popular product you can add a flag to the corner of the product picture in the shop.Popular
  12. You can make the product to be available for purchase or order only through enquiries by checking Enquiry only box.
  13. Add product description, it will be show in the shop.
  14. Add a short description for administrators.
  15. Add search terms, which will help to browse through your products for administrators.
  16. You can add Tags if you plan to use the product as a block in the footer instead of Facebook, tags will be shown there.
  17. You can add alternative prices or specific VAT. You can access tab by clicking More options box.
  18. There you can add a different VAT than the standard.
  19. You can add a price for A, B and C Groups. Your customers will be allowed to purchase for that price only if you add them to the group and they have to be logged in.
  20. Press Save to finish.