Creating a new category

Creating categories is one of the first steps you will do while preparing your online shop. When using categories, you can differentiate your products, making them to appear in your shop.


create edit category

  1. To create a new category press Create new+
  2. Add information to the Create/Edit table, you can see above.
  3. Check Active if you want your category to be seen on the main page. Check Hidden if you don’t want your category to be seen on the main page. However, if you want your product to be reachable through search or ULs but not shown in the main page, you should check both Active and Hidden.
  4. You can add a short description about the category. It will only be visible to shop administrators.
  5. If you want, you can create subcategory by choosing main category in Subcategory of.
  6. To sort categories in the main page, from left to right add a sorting number. We recommend you to start with number 100 or over. In that case, it will be easier to add a new category among the existing ones in the future.
  7. If you check Skip all negative discounts, all discounts you have made won’t be applied to the products in this category.
  8. You can show categories on the bottom of the main page by choosing Show in front page.
  9. *category icon picture
  10. To apply color to your category’s name check Highlighted.
  11. If you want extra categories to be grouped as subcategories to More tab, check Add to more tab. We recommend it in case you have additional categories which you don’t want to use as the main ones.
  12. You can add a picture for a category which will be seen if you check Show in front page option. To add icon press +image.
  13. After you have finished adding your information press Save.