Adding slides

Add slides to your online shop to make it more interactive. Like banners slides add uniqueness and are very helpful for advertising. Slides are bigger than banners and you can use an unlimited number of them in any theme.


  1. To add a slide go to Slides.
  2. Press +Create new.
  3. Add a slide by pressing +Choose file.
  4. Choose a file from your computer.
  5. Press Save to finish.


We recommend creating Slides and Banners with all information and texts graphically; however, you can use More options to add texts on your slide.

slide more

  1. To use more options check More options box.
  2. You can activate/deactivate a slide, alternatively you can do it by pressing Active icon.
  3. Write a title of your slide, it will be shown on the slide.
  4. You can add a Subtitle, the text will be shown under the Title text.
  5. Add main text in the field Text.
  6. You can create a button with a text; add it in the field Button text.
  7. Write a sorting number, the sorting of the slides is from left to right.
  8. Press Save to finish.