Adding couriers

You can add couriers that your customers will be able to choose when making a purchase.

creating courier

  1. To add a courier go to Delivery price groups.
  2. Press +Create new.
  3. Check Active box to make it active and visible as a choice when making a purchase.
  4. Enter Title of the courier.
  5. You can write a sorting number. Sorting is made from top to bottom.
  6. You can add delivery time for this courier.
  7. Press Save to create.

Now you have to add price groups for your courier and/or Additional services.

price groups

  1. Press edit to add additional info.
  2. To create delivery price groups press +Create new under Price groups name.
  3. Add a tag for a price group.
  4. You can activate/deactivate it by checking/uncheking the box.
  5. It has to have at least one condition (it can have up to 2).
  6. Choose the condition this price tag will apply to. (Type amount, size, weight, price) For example, if a size of a cargo is the one you determine, then this price condition will be applied. You can add an additional condition for a tag. , Both conditions should be met for the tag to be applied.
  7. Press Save to add.
  8. You can add Additional service. The most common is Cash on Delivery. Customers will be able to choose an additional service from this courier if the price tag condition will be met. You can enter services cost and name.
  9. Press Save to finish.