Adding banners

You can add banners to your online shop. They will be shown in your front page. Banners are used for advertising and add uniqueness to your online shop. In a small theme you can’t use any banners, in a medium up to 2 banners at a time and in a big up to 5 banners at a time.


  1. To create a banner go to Banners.
  2. Press +Create new.
  3. Add a banner using Choose picture.
  4. Press +Image and choose it from your computer.
  5. You can use a url link to use a banner from a source.
  6. Add the url link in the field Banner link.
  7. If you want the page, which the banner leads to, to open in a new window, check Open in new window box.
  8. If you want the banner to lead to certain products from your online shop, use Assign product and add products.

We recommend creating banners graphically with texts and all information necessary. If you need to, you can add texts using More options.

More options banner

  1. To open More options check More options box.
  2. Add your banner’s title, this title will be written on your banner.
  3. You can activate/deactivate the banner checking Active box.
  4. You can set banners to be active for a certain period by choosing date in the field From and To. Leave To field blank if you want the banner to be active for an unlimited time or leave both fields blank to activate/deactivate the banner manually.
  5. You can add a highlighted text on your banner by writing in the field Featured text.
  6. Press Save to finish.