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About Us

We are the ones who have passion for your success

Who we are?

We are the ones who have passion for your success. We are a team of online business entrepreneurs sharing one vision to make professional e-commerce business accessible for everyone.

What we do?

We develop cloud based professional e-shop software for everyone who wants to have an online retail business.
GETSHOPIN is a professional, easy-to-use e-commerce tool for a small and medium business. All you need is to have what to sell. We will provide you with all the tools and software you need to have a professional online shop and run a successful business. With GETSHOPIN you can run your online business for free!

Our brand values

Our core values are: entrepreneurship, progress, flexibility.


Management team

Meet the people behind the brand


Andrius Cepkus


Andrius has more than 13 year experience in software development and web based business, mostly in business management, project management, sales and digital marketing. Today he is a co-owner and founder of multiple successful businesses, most of them in the field of e-commerce. Andrius is also well known for his charity work. Since young age Andrius was passionate about entrepreneurship which lead him to start GETSHOPIN that gives an opportunity for everyone to have their own business.


Anton Prokopovic


More than 4 years of experience working in a customer-centric fields, mostly in sales, customer support and quality assurance. Anton’ main goal is to make sure that technology we provide will be people-centric and your experience working with us will be as pleasant as possible.


Domas Janickas


Domas joined GETSHOPIN as CTO in 2013 and he is responsible for product technical and quality sides. Domas has been innovating and producing a wide-range of enterprise IT solutions for almost ten years and this includes being a co-founder of web development agency DATA DOG, as well as providing leadership on the SATALIA’s family of world-leading algorithmic solutions.

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